Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The Disappearing Staircase

The title sounds like a Nancy Drew mystery, doesn't it? Remember the small landing at the top of the stairs? And the thick half wall that wrapped around the opening? GONE! We hated that maze-like layout since we moved in. It's such joy to now have that area as usable space.

The master bedroom door is on the right and
Cole's bedroom door is directly across from it.   
The door is to the boys' bathroom. You can see the narrow pathway around
the stairs by the brown paper held down by blue tape.
This picture shows the awful diagonal cut in the hallway.
The boys' bathroom is on the left and Jay's bedroom door is on the right.

The effect downstairs is just as dramatic! The boys love to go through the old closet door into the dining room.

I was a little worried that going through the laundry room to get to the stairs would feel awkward, but, from the beginning, it seemed completely natural. Moving the stairs has been the most dramatic change. What a transformation!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

New Staircase

Our entire remodeling plans depended on whether a staircase would fit in the laundry room. Rob had measured and remeasured, so we were fairly certain it would, but still held our breath as it was being framed.

Here's the laundry room before:

The door farthest right is to a closet. The garage door is open.
The laundry machines are on the right.
Here the machines are on the left with cupboards on the right.
The red room is the half bath.
Through the doorway to the kitchen is the pantry. 
The far wall of the laundry room, opposite the bathroom.
The door to the closet is on the back right.
Washing machine is in the front right corner.

The first step was to open the eaves between the frog (finished room over garage) and the closet off the hallway. In the picture below, the closet is on the left wall. The door at the end is to the frog.
Note especially the wall between the closet and the doorway to the frog.
The small closet.

The closet and wall are gone!
Jay is standing where the closet was, and the eaves are opened.
Next the U-shaped staircase was framed against the far wall in the laundry room.
It fit perfectly!

The door to the closet was removed.
The garage door is on the right.

On the second story, the old closet floor is gone and the stairs are in the eave.

The opening above the stairs is where the closet floor was.

So, you might be wondering what happened to the old staircase.

That will be the next post...


One of the last posts (from 2013!) was from when we had just installed the windows in the sunroom. There were no pictures of the finished room, so here's a shot of the back of the house. Thank goodness we added it to the house, because we've been living in it during this next round of remodeling.

Here's a few shots of the interior.

Now, onto the 2017 remodel of the entire house (except the sunroom).

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Welcome to Paper City

Cole and Jay spent many, many hours one weekend creating Paper City in Cole's room. We managed to keep it standing for a few days, then big tornadoes, shaped like my feet, inadvertently cleared a path to the dresser.

Windows! Yay!

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Christmas 2012

The boys love decorating for Christmas! As soon as Thanksgiving is over, they're asking to get out the decorations. Actually, what they love is tearing through the storage bins, throwing things everywhere, then playing Legos while I place it all. Despite the chaos, it's fun to see their excitement. 

Picking out the tree is always another chaotic adventure. The rows of neatly arranged trees look like a labyrinth that invites exploring. As soon as we enter, they begin chasing each other. To end the commotion before they crash into a person or tree, I quickly grab the closest one. This year I didn't realize until we got home that it had a distinct tilt to the right. 

The Leaning Tree of Christmas
This was a year when the Moehn side of the family got together for Christmas in Arizona. The boys were excited to see their cousins again and everyone got along well. They especially liked playing with the babies.

All the cousins. It was close to impossible to get them all still for this picture! (Cole, Luc, Sophia, Jay, and Noah.)
Cole and Noah snuggling.
Jay and Sophia dressed for dinner.
We went on a beautiful desert hike.
A big tarantula decided to say hello. He blended into the path so well that we almost stepped on him.

Sunroom Progress

Workers were here the past couple days and we finally had progress on the sunroom! There was one surprise: water pipes in the roof of the jut out. No one could believe it was designed it that way. Now a plumber needs to move them above the ceiling in the family room so we can tear down the jut out. Another delay! We're still hoping to have the room done by Thanksgiving.
View from inside the house.

Looking to the left from in the house.

Looking to the right. The door will open onto the desk.
View from back yard.

Imagine a deck here.

Side view with new HVAC units.